Sourcing Strategy & Outsourcing

Keywords : contract mediation and settlement, sourcing strategy, supplier selection, outsourcing, change management, governance, business case, transition.

Reason: the client has in the past taken care of his own ICT services. Because of the many acquisitions and the need for 24 * 7 support, the decision was made 9 years ago to outsource the IT function.

An external supplier provides workplace management and server management from two separate contracts.

However, the transition has not been completed as specified in the original objective of the contract: transition to a shared environment. As a result, the services are now provided from a dedicated environment in which components are largely owned by the client.

Facts: insurance and services, upto 3,8 million clients, 1800 employees, Belgium and the Netherlands, cooperation.

Approach: We guided the client in a settlement with the current provider to stabilize the situation, by decreasing the cost and improving service quality. Subsequently, we investigated the internal governance and supported in organizational redesign. We also helped in a sourcing strategy for the client, so he understands sourcing scenarios for the ICT services, especially for data center services. We also laid down a corresponding vendor selection model and criteria for a supplier or partner. Finally a demand / supply management organization was drafted with design guidelines, an overview of risks and implementation advice. The sourcing strategy is formulated in full for the entire ICT services, and connect to the business requirements of the client. All possible scenarios, such as multi-sourcing, insourcing, outsourcing, entering into partnerships with (shared services) are evaluated. The business case is presented to and agreed by the board. After agreement the supplier selection is initiated, transition is supported until the new supplier situation became effective.

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    Insurance & Services

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