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Welcome to Ditra!

We drive transformation

Our Approach

We help you make change happen. How do we do that? By Improving your company's ability to adapt to market needs in a sustainable way; with the right blend in strategy, sales & marketing, organization, capabilities and culture. We bring innovation & transformation and proactively introduce you to the right people and solutions.

Business case

Challenges your current operations and market approach, laying the groundwork to transform.


Change is never easy, we help you to successfully implement defined goals.


Evaluate the implementation and take the learnings and opportunities to support your business.

About Ditra

Helping innovative companies grow faster is our mission. We love to share knowledge & business insights on Marketing, E-Commerce, Operations & IT: Know- and do how on digital and how it impacts business. Our community of experts & coaches is exploring opportunities and realizing change every day: Driving transformation but also taking care of day to day issues that otherwise distract from the path to glory. Curious about our network and how we can help?

Marketing & Sales

How do you reach your customers in the new world? With the right mix of online and offline channels you are always in touch with your customers resulting in more conversions.


Attracting the right customer for your proposition and generating more conversions by optimizing your customer journey throughout all channels. Boost sales and optimize the CPO.


Understanding your operations enables us to quickly identify the bottlenecks and opportunities. Business process redesign with a clear focus on goals & needs simply delivers more results.


Design & implement the automation essentials and know where to go the extra mile to exceed your peers; independent and agile. We enable you to seize business opportunities. develop new products & services and scale up.


Transform your business, Marketing and Operations by using our knowledge & expertise network. We deliver results by combining expertise in what works best with how to get the solution live.


We are the Strategy branch of Cronos, the Belgian based technology conglomerate.

As of the start in 1991, Cronos has succeeded in outperforming the market year after year. Growth made possible through craftsmanship and innovative entrepreneurship but most of all, satisfied customers. Cronos is keen on adopting new opportunities and technologies in the areas of Information Technology and Digital Marketing. 

Key figures:

  • €900+ Mio turnover 
  • 7.000+ employees
  • 8.000+ customers
  • 450+ competence centres


We like to share our their knowledge and experiences through various paths. Here’s a collection of stories from our people about our work, our research and the ever-changing market.

Our Team

Passionate about Marketing, Operations and IT.


Improve and transform your organization and thereby prepare for the digital future. Together with your team and partners we realize a future-proof infrastructure & marketing approach that guarantees more sales and low transaction costs. From reach to concrete results.

Know How & Do How

Experienced in what works best and how to get it operational.

Measurable Results

We prove what gives the most results.

Sales & Technology

Bringing the best solutions for marketing and operations.


The result is in the execution: We help you transform.

Meet our Clients!

We’re quite proud of what we have accomplished so far... Here’s a selection of some of our clients.

Keep in Touch

Need additional information or have a question or comment? Please feel free to leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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